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Leslie “Bimwala” Ludiazo​ (better known as Les) is a x2 Grammy-nominated producer,

chart-topping musician, and trailblazing music executive working out of Honolulu, Hawai‘i.

Originally from Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo), Les fled the political turmoil of his home country, escaping to Canada, and later to Hawai‘i. Les attributes his symphonic abilities and entrepreneurial drive to his parents, who overcame the challenges of the First Congo War by supplementing their home with various instrumental lessons and an array of musical influences.

As a member of the church band, Les discovered music was his superpower. Arriving in O‘ahu as a foreign refugee, Les relied on his musical ingenuity to learn the English language and assimilate into the culture of his new home. Without the physical presence of his parents, Les threw himself into what he knew - making music. From traditional Hawaiian to Jamaican-style reggae, he leveraged his instrumental dexterity to develop unique artistry inspired by Ska, Reggae, R&B, and Hip-hop. As such, Les is a coveted producer, musical director, and artist who has worked with ​Maoli​, ​Irie Love​, ​J Keys​, ​Micah G​, ​Jemere Morgan​, and ​Kivini Vaitai​.

Les began his musical career in 2005 when he joined ​Hot Rain​, a Honolulu-based

“backup band” who supported international reggae headliners like “It’s a Pity” star ​Tanya


Stephens​, “Hold Yuh” artist ​Gyptian​, and “Just A Passing Glance” legend ​Don Carlos​. In 2015, Les began collaborating three-time #1 Billboard chart-topping artist, ​The Green​ on their contemporary-reggae hit “Love and Affection,” starting a decade-long alliance that would earn Les producing, drumming, and musical directing credits, as well as, a ​2014 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award​ for his contribution to “Hawaii ‘13.” Currently, Les is a full-time touring drummer and Musical Director for the grammy-nominated superstar ​J Boog​, and four-time Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award winners, ​The Green​.

Producer/Music Executive
In 2010, Les Co-Founded ​Live Animaux​, a company committed to providing

high-quality music production, distribution, and branding for the artists they serve. With a credit list spanning over 130 songs, Live Animaux has produced music for ​Eli Mac​, ​Fiji​,​ ​Kimie Miner​, ​Makua Rothman​, ​​Sammy J​, and much more.


As a producer, Les has earned over fifty #1 radio hits and over twenty Billboard Reggae chart-toppers for his music production of singles like the ​Janet Jackson​ favorite “Hawai‘i” by ​Ana Vee​, the Tik Tok-ready “Siva Mai” by​ ​J Boog​ feat. ​Siosi​,​ ​and the summertime love song “Viral” by ​Jasmin Nicole​. With the growing success of ​Live Animaux​, Les and JP Kennedy co-founded ​Kahala Records​, a full-service recording label based in Hawai‘i with over 15 up and coming artists including ​Johnny Suite​, FIA​, ​Kaipo Kapua​, and ​Likkle Jordee​.

In 2020, Les extended his resume to include ​solo-artist​. Performing under his middle name “Bimwala,” Les put out two singles including the rocksteady jam “So High,” and the bi-lingual island hit “Loving Tonight” featuring Pana, that was released in both English and French.


These days, Les balances his time between the production and operation of ​Live Animaux​, ​Kahala Records​, and a full touring schedule. With chart-topping hits and grammy-nominated credits, he is a brilliant industry leader proving that “Les is more.”

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